Wonders Of White

White your slate clean this summer and cleanse your wardrobe with soothing potential, purity and calming aspects of a white canvas, the perfect way to detox and refresh your wardrobe this summer.


3Nothing says chic summer like a white outfit and the feature we love the most about this colour is its versatility, lending itself to other major trends like the magnificent monochrome (our white bouclé jackets) and the never out of style nautical look (our navy tipping jacket).






2Another way to take on the white trend is by adding bright colours hence creating more than one way to wear an outfit. Our beaded Georgette tunic will add glamour to your day look and for a great Gatsby evening look, opt for our two in one embellished tunic. That’s all your summer occasions styled with a white out.





Whatever the occasion, make the white statement and remain in style season after season.


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