PRIDE- What To Know

As you all may know, London Pride is approaching this Saturday July 7th.  You may be a newbie to the event, an avid PRIDE supporter or you just wanted to learn more about the day. Whatever it is, read on… this may be of your interest.

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The London Pride festival is dedicated to London’s LGBT+ community to raise awareness. It campaigns for freedom and the ability to live equally. It allows their community to represent themselves, their achievements and overcome barriers.

The community will showcase culture, theatre, dance, art, cinema and parties across the city. If you’re hoping for an after party, you’re in luck! LGBT spaces are open until the early hours of the next day and usually have deals on drinks. Hopefully, you will not wake up to an empty bank account!

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But not to worry, it’s a fun-filled day with FREE festivities for anyone to join in with, don’t be shy; you may even bump into a few famous faces. Leave this date free on your calendar and come to support the LGBT+ community. The event starts at 12pm, and shuts down the most prominent areas of central London including Trafalgar square and Piccadilly Circus. If you were planning on shopping in these areas on July 7th, I would give it a miss…

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– Arrive Early –

 (Parade starts one hour earlier than last year, 12pm)

The parade begins at Portland Place, get down as early as possible, the area reaches max capacity and entry turns in to a one in one out system.

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– Dress Code –

Dress in your most colourful outfit, you’re representing the rainbow remember!

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– Makeup Tips –

A little bit of glitter never hurt anyone and maybe a bright eye.

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– Plenty of water –

Walking for miles through London in this heat might run you down a little.

– Sun protection –

A sun hat and an SPF 30 sunblock should do the job; hopefully you will not wake up with raw skin.

Lastly, Have Fun!

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