Natural Bloom.. Behind The Scenes

As our high summer collection officially lands here at Elvi, we head behind the scenes on the photoshoot that took our team to the stunning Sheilam Nursery, Cactus and Succulent Garden in picturesque South Africa as we introduce you to Natural Bloom..

Shooting just outside of Cape Town, the Elvi creative team discovered the most beautiful of natural locations, providing the perfect backdrop for a new season collection featuring luxe, premium textures alongside bold, fashion-forward details as Natural Bloom see’s sumptuous silky textures and premium metallic hues collide with vibrant floral blooms and contemporary statement silhouettes.

The team set up shoot at the Sheilam Cactus and Succulent Nursery, owned and operated by the Schwegmann family since 1967.  Home to the most breath-taking and unbelievable show-stopping cactus plants that towered way into the sunny South African sky, our team were taken aback by the over-whelming fields boasting approximately 2000 species of cactus plants. Stunned by the natural beauty of their shoot location, the Elvi team photographer couldn’t believe the scale of the plants that the team were shooting amongst and couldn’t help letting his inner-child out with a game of fruit ninja as he wielded a fake samurai sword and fully embraced the beautiful surroundings!

With an urge to delve deeper into the history behind the show-stopping cactus garden that they had found themselves shooting in, the Elvi team set about meeting the people behind the garden, finding out exactly what goes into maintaining such a giant area of natural beauty.  Along their way, they met the loveliest of people and gained a beautiful insight into their world, as workers delicately picked succulent seeds from the center of cactus plants and grandmothers planted seeds alongside their grand-daughters.

Our team were over-joyed to capture some of the most stunning behind the scenes portraits of the people behind the cactus garden, although some workers were reluctant to be photographed at first, they soon got used to being in-front of the lens as evidenced by their beaming smiles!

If our sneak peek behind the scenes has got you eager to see the final shots from our high summer shoot and indulge in key statement styles from our latest campaign, stay tuned to our social media platforms as ‘Natural Bloom’ makes its official debut. Shop the collection now at

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