Nail Summer ’16 Airport Style

If you’re jetting off somewhere nice this Summer, it’s tempting to reach for your favourite pair of joggers and a simple tee for the inevitable slog through the airport; after all, comfort is key whether it’s long haul or short. But increasingly airports are becoming a showcase for low-key style, with numerous celebrities being papped on their way to and from glamorous destinations looking decidedly put-together.

The Short Haul City-Break

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For a flight that lasts for an hour or two, amp up the cool with a chic pair of leather shorts and a high neck ribbed top. You’ll be walking off the plane looking as fresh as when you walked on, and a short duration means it’s unlikely you’ll be afflicted with the dreaded swelling that can affect longer travels. Pair the combo with a pair of chunky ankle boots for ultimate cool girl style, and don’t forget the obligatory pair of sunnies!

The Tropical Island Getaway

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Sun, sand and sea is merely a journey away, but if your destination is somewhere hot, you want to make sure you’re dressed for the warmer climate when you leave the plane. Get into the holiday spirit before you leave by picking a bright print to pair with a simple cami; you’ll be ready to hit the beach as soon as you’ve touched down on the tarmac.

The Business Trip


Travelling for business can be tiring but if a big meeting is on the horizon, it’s important to look fresh straight off the plane. Choose trousers with a relaxed fit in a subdued hue; these camel pants are the perfect mix of sophisticated yet casual, and the looser fit make them comfortable to boot. Bring some heels for when the plane has landed – you can wear comfy socks on the flight – and pair with classic black to keep things smart.

The Late Night Flight

Planes can be chilly, especially when you’re travelling after hours. Throw a casual bomber jacket over a comfy pair of jeans and a tee and you’ll not only be looking fashion savvy but you’ll also be nice and snug. The pockets are handy for storage, plus if it gets too warm you can fold up the jacket and use it as a pillow. Winning.

The Long Haul

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If you’re looking at spending multiple hours in the sky, comfort is key. Slouchy silhouettes work wonders here; make sure leg shapes are relaxed enough to allow for the pesky swelling that unfortunately accompanies long haul journeys, and pockets are always a big win for storing valuables and the like whilst you have that inevitable snooze. Choose a funky pattern to keep in tune with that holiday vibe – these tribal relaxed pants are perfect – and pair with a loose tee.




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