To Mum, With Love – Q&A With Rebel Rebel

Rebel Rebel is one of our favourite London florists – their bright and vibrant bouquets put an instant smile on our faces and many of their loyal customers. They even won Time Out’s award for London’s Best Florist in 2017! With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we caught up with Rebel Rebel florist Mairead to chat about current floristry trends, plus what makes the perfect bouquet.

What trends are big in floristry now?

With the rise of Instagram trends from all over the world, trends travel very quickly.  The wild, just picked look is still very popular with customers, but also a more structured, unnatural look is seeping in.  Flowers with weird shapes and saturated colours are appear to be very popular. Flowers like Anthurium with pale washed out roses and dried flowers.

Green plants seem to be popular at the moment – is there more of a demand for this at the moment?

The other trend is for houseplants. Everyone is filling their apartments with houseplants – bringing the outside in.  More and more interesting exotic plants are appearing.  Alocacia are very popular, and pilea are walking out the door all by themselves!

What would be your advise to budding florists?

Budding florists should be prepared for hard work.  Mostly floristry is early mornings, cold water and heavy lifting.  Interspersed with sweeping the floor and driving a van.  But the reward is working with the best, most beautiful things in the world.  And florists are great people too, so it’ll be fun!

Mother’s Day is coming up! What makes the perfect bouquet? 

The perfect bouquet for Mother’s Day should be the perfect mix of colours, scent and textures.  Great foliage, big blowsy blooms, tiny delicate blossoms and hidden gems.  But whatever you send, your mum will love it, because she loves you!

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