Meet the Models Putting Equality into Action


Meet Oksana and Natalia, the girls working to break down the barriers of the industry, one casting at a time


On the hottest day London’s seen for years, or so it felt, we shot the transitional collection for ELVI. Standing side by side in the same dress were Oksana and Natalia, both really, really, really ridiculously good-looking (brownie points if you got the Zoolander reference) but completely different proportions. The girls wore almost opposite dress sizes, but both rocked each look in their own personal style and form. In a year where equality is becoming more and more important, and rightly so, they radiated our #ELVIinclusive ethos and showed how curve and petite doesn’t need to exist anymore – we need to be inclusive, not exclusive, whether it’s regarding gender, pay, fashion or society in general.



N: I genuinely love how much more the industry is expanding now for curve girls, there’s so much more opportunity. I never thought a girl my size could model because I didn’t think I fit into the standards of beauty. Despite this, I do wish they would speed up the process of just accepting everyone into the industry



O: The industry can be so competitive and incredibly superficial, you need to work so hard to get anywhere in modelling these days. But because of my age, I’m 26, I feel I have to work and prove even harder that I should be here which I do find a difficulty



Dressed in key ELVI pieces, the girls let me pick their brains on what it’s really like to be a model, their real opinions on the industry and how they’re trying to change things for the better in the modelling world. They also let me into how they enjoy spending their down time when they’re not working to take over the world. Watch below!

The #ELVIinclusive team!

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