Introducing Adagio

The head-pirouetting new collection, exclusively brought to you by ELVI



As the year whizzes by in its usual whirlwind approach, another season rolls in with a fresh, new feeling. Today, we introduce you to our new transitional collection, Adagio. After speaking with Head of Design Clara Varakachanapong (click here) , we were lucky to be welcomed into the thought process behind the collection. The collection drills into our #ELVIinclusive protocol where we highlight the importance of equality in all way shapes and forms. Adagio lives and breathes our #ELVIinclusivity by being rocked by two models on opposite ends of the sizing chart – a fresh and contemporary feeling we’ve always introduced.



Clara opened up about Adagio’s fictional muse, Aurelie, a principle ballerina-turned-artist who lives in a New York loft and spends her days painting and listening to Sade. Adagio features reminiscent nods to the character Aurelie’s past life as a ballet performer through delicate wrap features and tie detailing which echoes ballet slipper-esque ribbons. Diaphanous fabrics have been interpreted into a modern silhouette through dropped-waist slip dresses and relaxed printed culottes. Sweatshirts have been cleverly layered over dresses, creating the feeling of a typically off-duty ballerina. The story behind Adagio is delicate and feminine, complete with staple wardrobe pieces which are versatile and principally stylish.



Athleisure is a non-stop trend that is only seems to be flourishing as the year goes on, this has also been incorporated into the collection, leaving an afterthought of an on-trend, elegant and feminine feeling. Another key element of Adagio is the tea dressing which is fittingly anchored down by our hero prints which can be attached to both the day and night story. Key palettes are warm coffee shop tones featuring rich caramels which have been used on a versatile hammered satin co-ord. Some other key shades are midnight inks, juniper green and staple onyx.


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