Into The Wild | Behind The Scenes

With our Summer collection ‘Into The Wild’ about to touch down here at Elvi, we are journeying to South Africa to delve behind the scenes on our picturesque photo-shoot and give you an exclusive look at just what the Elvi team got up to on location. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Aquila Game Reserve in Cape Town, South Africa, the Elvi creative team set up shoot in the most perfect location to showcase this season’s safari inspired pieces.

‘Into The Wild’ see’s relaxed tailoring collide with delicate fabrics, all beautifully detailed with striking summer prints and perfectly contrasted with a colour palette featuring the most stunning muted hues to create a chic collection of premium summer-ready staples.

As the Elvi team arrived to shoot at the Aquila Game Reserve their ranger was amazed at how all of the animals appeared as they drove around, the perfect scenario for a show-stopping shoot, however with the team being up-close and personal with so many of natures giant’s including lions, zebra’s and elephants, silence was key as not to scare the animals away! The team had to stay deadly silent and only the model and photographer were allowed to step out of the truck to shoot!

Working in such a stunning location proved to be a breath-taking experience, not without it’s hiccups though! When the team went to shoot our hero piece – the floral sheer dress, it was nowhere to be seen, it had flown off the hanger! Fortunately, the ranger set off in search of our statement dress, covering our tracks until he found it ten minutes away lying on the dirt track! Saving the day, the ranger managed to get the dress back to our team just in time to get the last shot in just before the sun started to go down!

If our behind the scenes antics have got you eager to see the final shots and key statement styles from our latest campaign, you’ll be pleased to hear that the wait is almost over! Stay tuned to our social media platforms as our ‘Into The Wild’ collection prepares to make its debut tomorrow..

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