Interview: 13 Minutes with Blossom Caldarone

From Bestival to Jane Birkin, we talked all things style and music with the emerging artist Blossom Caldarone 

In a basement flat in Crystal Palace sits singer songwriter and millennial mogul Blossom Caldarone – and yes, that’s her real name. Arriving at the end of 2017 with her debut release ‘Fairytale Lullaby’, Caldarone has strolled onto the music scene with refreshingly unique talent.Since beginning to pen her songs at the mere age of 11, she has since blossomed (pun intended) into a lyrical prodigy/miniature Kate Nash and mesmerising modern day female. Keep your eyes on Blossom, she’s gonna be big


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I’m sure you get asked this a lot. But is your real name actually Blossom Caldarone?

Yes, it is my real name! My dad is Italian so that’s where Caldarone comes from and then Blossom was my mum’s grandma. So it was very lucky, think I would have really struggled trying to find a stage name.

When did you first start writing music?

I actually started writing joke songs when I was about 11, just stupid songs for adverts and stuff! And then I guess I started writing songs properly when I was about 13 or 14, like, actually making my stuff more serious, and not stupid!

Can you tell me a bit about your song writing process?

I mean, it kind of depends if I’m writing by myself or alongside somebody else. But if I’m writing at home I’ll just start by playing some chords on the piano and it will always be about something that’s actually happened to myself or a friend. And then if it’s in a session and someone’s creating something themselves, they’ll bring it to the table and be like, ‘I’ve made this and I think we can do something with it’ and we’ll sit and tweak it together. But, like I said, depends if I’m by myself or in a session with someone else.

Did you decide quite early on what direction you wanted to take musically, or did that happen quite naturally?

I knew I wanted to do music quite early on but in terms of how I want something to sound I’m still always really back and forth about that. I started putting stuff out on Soundcloud when I was about 16 so I guess it has naturally developed from there, too. Growing up is also a massive thing that changes your sound in general.


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Saw you were booked for Bestival this year, how was that? Any fun stories?

Bestival was great! Apart from we had to drive there from London in this van and it just took forever. Honestly, hours and hours and hours… We ended up getting there really late but it was such good fun. Was also quite nerve-wracking because obviously it was the main stage and there are only three of us which is nothing, so it was quite hard to make it our own in that sense. But, no, we had a really good time and it was incredibly exciting for me to be there. I wasn’t there for long either as I literally arrived, crashed out and just spent the whole thing totally exhausted, basically!

What’s been your favourite gig to date?

Probably one of my headline shows at The Ivy House in Nunhead, just because absolutely everything went wrong! The sound check was just horrendous and I love The Ivy House so much but their sound and tech setup is just awful! Nothing went right that evening but we all found it really funny which was good, and we just thought, well, ‘this show is gonna go how it’s gonna go’! We ordered in these massive blossom trees and we had them at the front of the stage so it looked beautiful. But we literally had to change set lists around, one of the tracks just completely stopped midway through and we had a technical issue which meant I had to talk to the audience for a whole five minutes. Which is a really long bloody time when you’re just sitting there… But it was so funny and I got a tonne of drinks bought for me afterwards, so it was actually a really nice time!

Didn’t know until your Instagram story yesterday that you were chummy with Mr Matt Maltese – both very similar crooner-esque types. How did you and him become mates?

So we actually only met for the first time yesterday! But I’ve been a fan of his music for ages I think he’s absolutely amazing. He does quite a lot of stuff around other bands I know in South London so I’ve always been aware of him and listened to him. So we decided to get together and get some writing done, so yesterday we wrote some songs together, played piano, grabbed some lunch and made some cool songs together! Was really nice.


That sounds like a combo of dreams!

Yeah, it was really great and he’s just got such a good knack for lyrics and is an incredible pianist.

You have quite a unique style, Blossom. Is there anyone who you look to for inspiration or do you just wear whatever makes you feel good?

I honestly just throw on whatever I like and whatever makes me feel good. I’ve had this thing ever since I was, like, 13 where I’m just absolutely obsessed with people like Jane Birkin, I adore 1960s stuff and honestly anything that catches my eye. I’m a notorious fan of one-off garments, but then other days I’m more of a fan of just low-key plain colours. I have a pretty good conveyer belt system going where I’ll buy stuff but make sure that if I don’t wear something else in my wardrobe for a while then I have to sell it! I like wearing unique stuff though, for sure. I actually remember back when I was about 12 I bought these jeans from Topshop and I thought they were the coolest things in the world and I, naively, thought, ‘amazing, I bet nobody else is gonna have these’. Turned up on a non-uniform day in them and literally every single girl was wearing these jeans! It was the worst thing ever and that’s when I realised I was officially done with Topshop.

What is your opinion on the current state of the music industry?

I have a mixed stance on it, really. There’s always lots of new music coming out which is great but I guess it’s different for each person. I’m torn because I love new music Friday and listening to all the cool new people coming out onto the music scene. But there’s a lot of stuff around that tends to just be about the same thing and it sounds very similar sometimes. I don’t wanna be that person that’s like ‘oh, I only listen to old music’ but I genuinely do really love my older music so much. I really like my 90s stuff and 60s stuff. I listen to things coming out now, too, because obviously I’m a young artist and it’s important to know what’s happening. So, in conclusion, I’m not sure really. As long as everyone’s just doing their own thing and happy doing it.


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Any advice to some young artists trying to make it?

Probably just to try and not ever compare yourself to anything or anyone. There are especially so many artists at the moment trying to come out and that’s absolutely great. But, because it’s all about streaming and less about the gigs now – it’s actually about so many other things now. Like, who’s working with you? And just so much stuff I can’t even begin to explain… It makes it feel like it’s not even really about the music anymore. So, honestly just don’t compare yourself because you never know what’s going on behind closed doors with other people and stuff like that because a lot of it is just a front. I can guarantee there will always be something, there’s always some sort of plan and stuff sometimes happens over night. And most of all, do what you love! I know it’s a cliché but I think one of the best things would be to just put the things out that you genuinely enjoy writing about and playing.

Give me three emerging artists, other than yourself, to look out for this year.

One of my best friends and roommate Olivia is amazing, secondly there’s someone else who I live with as well called Kelsey, she’s really cool and has actually been singing with Rudamental recently, I think she’s singing with them again soon and going on tour but she’s got some amazing solo songs coming out. My other friend Rosie is putting her first EP out soon, too. Really lovely as they’re literally two of my best girlfriends which is just the best. There’s a lot of people at the moment going around and being like, ‘oh I’m a girls’ girl’ but I somehow just can’t relate to you on any level. It’s really important to just keep stuff honest and just not have any pretence. Another band I went to school with were some guys called Black Midi, they’re super cool and just so great and actually doing really well at the moment. They’re emerging and just fantastic, they’re so incredibly good live and have got such an amazing thing going on. So I’d say definitely that bunch of people. We all actually went to BRIT school together, ha! So that’s how we know each other.

And finally, is there any new music we can expect for you soon?

Yes, lots of new music and I’m very excited. We’re putting out about 2-3 songs in October time so that’s just going to be great and I’m super excited. I’m also doing a song with a guy called Courage and then we’ll definitely be doing some shows at the end of the year, too. Not sure which yet and when they’re gonna be, but we’re definitely interested in doing a support tour at the end of the year.



Listen to Blossom below:



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