Have You Heard About #ELVIinclusive?

Exclusively inclusive… We are excited to introduce you with our fresh and innovative ethos


Inclusive (adverb): Not excluding any section of society or any party involved in something.


We at ELVI have always been advocates for diversity in every sense of the word. Beginning as solely a plus-sized clothing range, over the last two and a half years we have made the decision to expand into an even further range of sizes, bringing us to where we are now, from sizes 8-28. What makes us unique is the way in which our dresses have been made to look great on all sizes, there’s no such thing as plus-sized or petite at ELVI. To us, everyone belongs under the same, #ELVIinclusive umbrella.


With the internet being stuck in possibly a worse funk than ever before due to the rise of negativity within social media, body-shaming and trolls, these are the issues #ELVIinclusive are trying to tackle. There are so many serious elements of today’s society that need to be challenged, and we at ELVI are trying to break those barriers, one hashtag at a time. Inclusivity should be in the limelight, and we’re bringing it directly to you. We’re not saying we have the cure – but by showcasing the beauty of genuine, real women, we are helping to provide a new perspective on society today.


So, here’s to the real women of today. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them


Words Danielle Kerwick


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