Five New Years Resolutions That Are Good For Your Soul

After another interesting year, the weight of 2018 has come to a halt and the New Year is here. Ideally, you shouldn’t have to wait until a New Year, or tomorrow, or next Monday to start something new, but January is the ultimate chance for a new beginning. Here’s five simple and achievable resolutions you can do for yourself in the New Year that are all about being kind to your mind.

Be kinder to yourself.
Particularly with working in a busy city, it’s incredibly easy to get weighed down with the pressures of life and career goals at the same time as actually trying to enjoy yourself. Many of us are guilty of putting ourselves last, but by making a small change in your list of priorities that focuses on you, it’s guaranteed to bring well-deserved goodness to the soul. It’s so easy to forget to give yourself a day off, and from time to time, we all need it. Taking the decision to be kinder to yourself can sometimes come in unexpected forms, like detoxing from your phone and social media, learning to say no or even just treating yourself to a hair appointment. Take a minute to document something you appreciate about yourself each day, whether it’s in a journal or your smartphone, physically writing things down has the ability to stick around in your head a lot more significantly.

Spread that, kindness too.
This New Years resolution takes little to no effort, costs nothing and is guaranteed to benefit those around you! The simplest way to spread more positivity in your life is through the kindness you give to others around you. It takes absolutely no effort and can immediately brighten your day! Despite the benefits, we’re all guilty of being too busy to be kind or simply forgetting how it can actually help us all. This New Year, learn again that you get what you give by spreading kindness. Of course some people will remain stuck in their miserable ways or will come off as ungrateful, but over time, spreading kindness can only lead to people treating you as you treat them. Another positive element that can come from spreading kindness is a boost of self-esteem, there’s no doubt that being kind can make you feel good about yourself, too! And finally, by simply being kinder it can create a happier place to live in all around.

Find three passions.
One to keep you fit, one that earns you money and one that requires creativity. In other words, one that caters for the soul, the body and the mind. It’s incredibly easy to fall into the trap of settling, even in life in general: same routine, same errands, same old, same old… Sometimes it’s important to stop and ask yourself, “What do I actually enjoy?” and try it, now. Passions can be discovered or rediscovered at any age – a number of now-successful people didn’t even begin their career choices until their forties. There’s no time limit on drive! Go to galleries, go to concerts, try new food, visit somewhere you’ve never been, talk to new people and get inspired. You never know what’s out there waiting for you. Alongside your eagerly awaiting new found lease of life, an active hobby you can take part in at least once a week will benefit in keeping you fit which is never too late to get involved in. If you can earn money from your new passion, that’s a bonus! If you can’t, find a way to intertwine the creative and the financial factors together – perhaps you could blog about your new passion? Or document your quest to finding your passion? Even if it’s a case of starting your own Etsy shop, it’s great to try and tie the two together even if it’s not going to be a lot, it’s something positive!

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Visit new places.
In order to gain better perspective, it’s important to visit new places to widen your peripheries. By seeing somewhere new, it can scratch an itch you didn’t even realise you had in the first place. You’ve been doing your old routine for so long that you could do it with your eyes closed, so by being dropped in a new environment, it engages a dormant part of your mind that gets you fired up again. You’ll suddenly have to find your way around unfamiliar places, read foreign languages, make quick decisions and completely switch up your routine. Plus, by having somewhere in the diary ready to visit throughout the year, there’s something to look forward to!

Learn to love your own company.
This could be a tricky one for the constantly hectic. But this is perfect for you if you feel like you need to be constantly busy, have you ever wondered why you can’t keep still? Sometimes, it can act as a distraction if you dislike being alone. Often the hardest part about learning to love your own company is admitting that you actually dislike your own company. But there’s something about the enjoyment of independence that can benefit in many ways; you won’t feel as reliant on others and can really help to benefit your self-esteem knowing that you’re cool with just going home and chilling by yourself. Although, enjoying your own company doesn’t mean sitting on your phone chattering away to others – now is the time to discover what you really enjoy doing by yourself! Find a creative hobby, learn an instrument, don’t rely on technology and go and be productive for your own well-being.

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