It is a case for lace on the fashion runway this season, with catwalk designers such as Valentino and Burberry battling out their renditions of this elegant, undeniably feminine material, whilst changing this once cliché concept to a new envied perception of class, sophistication and richness.

Luscious lace’s magic lies in its duality of revealing while concealing. A definite fashion staple and the easiest way to add a touch of romance and glamour to your look, it comes in many variations of colours and types. Our designers promise to keep you en-laced throughout this summer and beyond, making lace not only popular but also wearable during any season.

Choosing rich colours is key as it is a perfect way to express your coquettish and chic side fulfilling the legacy of lace.

Check out our lovely lace styles and stay on trend this season.


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