British Plus-size fashion weekend

Despite the Gail force make-overs, numb fingers & drenched in the rain hair dos, we eventually made it to this year’s British Plus-size fashion weekend.

Our first year attending the show, and might we add the first of many, we were surrounded by beautiful women of all shapes and sizes including many talented plus-size designers, companies (online and high street retailers) & not to mention some confident curvy models. In particular plus-size model du jour; Hayley Hasslehoff who has embraced the ‘plus-size’ term with a positive attitude:

“I’m so proud to be part of the plus-size movement. I think it should be more integrated [with London Fashion Week] but at the end of the day it would have to start somewhere. It’s just really cool to be part of the movement in the early stages.”

Show after show of designers and retailers showcasing their latest pieces whilst our designer quickly scribbled down some sketches from the catwalks, the event ended with a panel of media & buyers in the plus size industry highlighting the fact that curvy women can & should wear and adopt all fashion trends; from bright colours, florals to silhouette styles, there is no reason why a curvy woman should limit herself to one trend or the colour black. As long as she has established & dresses for her body shape, ‘style’s’ the limit!

To sum it all up, let’s just say that it was definitely the place to be for the latest news on plus-size fashion & trends.

Plus Size Fashion

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