Believe in the Buttercup

No spring collection is complete without some flower power; after all, floral is the symbol of summer and femininity. Hence, it came as no surprise when our designers interpreted some of the floral trends by featuring paisley patterns in our latest collection using tapestry printings.

But our floral fascination doesn’t start here! Since we are on the topic, we thought we’d let you in on a little inside secret of our favourite flower! You’ve all seen our flower logo at some point…right! Ever wondered what it represented? Seeing that our floral fantasy is much more than just a badge of Spring/Summer’s femininity or a romantic revival in our spring closet, we have embedded this five-petal buttercup flower; symbolic of self-worth, courage, leadership, beauty & imagination within our brand: setting and ultimate feminine and festive tone.

For that reason, when purchasing an Elvi product, you are unconsciously representing these magnificent attributes instilled behind every collection!


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