A Great Gatsby Affair!

Glam, glam and more glam…

The release of “The Great Gatsby” movie brought more attention to the fun glamour of 1920s fashion, making it one of the key trends this season. An era of new-found opulence, glamour and good times along with lavish party scenes in affluent settings has the Roaring ’20s written all over!

It is safe to say that the 1920’s has irrevocably changed the fashion world and society’s perceptions of what women could wear, where clothing became about elegant comfort, leaving behind the rigid corseting and bustles and embracing a more functional and more streamlined clothing.

A time when being glamorous was a way of life returns once again in full swing this summer and with the weather getting warmer, it is the best time to embrace this elegant era with embellishments, pearls, lace and all things glitz and glam.

If there is one style that is synonymous with the 1920’s it is embellishment on clothing especially for evening-wear; from elegant chiffon to shift dresses, the twenties was a breath of fresh air with women expressing themselves though fashion like never before.

We have just the right pieces that will make you fall in love with the Great Gatsby style and a look that you can emulate for many summer occasions.



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